Tire Testing

GCAPS’s equipment has been correlated with multiple vehicle and tire OEMs for model characterization data collection, construction comparisons, and advanced tire research.​ 

The equipment, experience, and software at GCAPS makes it the ideal location for tire data collection. Contact us below for more information.​ 

At GCAPS, we house top-level industry equipment designed for testing passenger car, light truck, motorsport, or motorcycle tires across all conditions encountered on the road.

Our capabilities beyond typical force and moment testing include GCAPS-developed:

  • Flat Cleat Test Methods
  • Wet Testing Methods
  • Thermal Control Logic

For force and moment testing the LTRe has the unique capabilities of:

  • Roadway Velocity: 200 mph/320 kph​
  • Spindle Torque: 10,000 Nm​
  • Vertical Load: 30,000 N​
  • Dynamic Positioning Rates: 90 SA deg/s, 38 IA deg/s, 160 RL mm/s