Perceive, Plan, and Control Algorithms

Using a team of Research Scientists’ and Engineers’ advanced control solutions, planning and perception algorithms are created from customer specified problem constraints. To support these algorithms, our team has experience with selecting and developing appropriate simulation environments that are tailored to the end goals of the application. ​

Analysis of driver behavior from customer data sources or VTTI’s 70 million miles of is integrated into the planning and control algorithms.  This produces more human-like responses.​

Our perception algorithms combine camera, radar, GPS, and vehicle information for use in control and planning as well as automated annotations within data sources. Perception algorithms also exist for Lidar Point cloud analysis.​

Research and Services:

  • Behavioral based algorithms​
  • Sensor Fusion​
  • Detection Algorithm​
  • C2V Behavioral Model​
  • Safety Modeling/Assurance​
  • Automated Maneuver Algorithms