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Jon Darab and Evan Lowe

January 2024 Newsletter

We start the new year with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Our focus remains steadfast on offering exemplary services and robust solutions to improve the performance of the mobility of people and things. 


Process of Mobility: Scenario

The scenario step is the start of the entire process, like the first domino in the chain reaction. Errors in this step can lead to the remaining steps being inaccurate. Scenario is a combination of the operational driving domain (ODD) and the surrounding actors (e.g., other vehicles, pedestrians), both dynamic and static.

6 Steps in the Process of Mobility

Vehicles traveling through space follow a series of six steps: scenario, sense, perceive, plan, control, and response. The continuous cycle of these steps creates a Process of Mobility.

Alpine’s BWT A522 Model

Challenging Technology: The New F1 Car

Formula One is a racing series steeped in tradition, offering exciting, high-speed open-wheel racing with a mix of elegance that attracts cultural elites and motorsport enthusiasts alike.

Tire Model Selection

Heavy emphasis has been placed on vehicle simulations to improve the performance of handling, ride comfort, and safety, which are all customer focused areas and are required to comply with regulations. However, when it comes time to select the tire model to use and the facility to complete the testing, which one should you choose?

Wet Testing

How much does the vehicle need to alter its path to be deemed unstable? Although there are multiple standards on how to quantify a tire’s performance on dry surfaces, there is only one standard to quantify the tire’s performance on wet surfaces, called the EU Wet Grip Label.