Vehicle Modeling

GCAPS simulation engineers have experience with vehicle dynamic model development and simulation within multiple vehicle dynamic simulation software packages.

Example software tools GCAPS can support:


  • IPG Automotive CarMaker

  • Matlab

  • Virtual Test Drive

  • Others

GCAPS can appropriately parameterize vehicle models tailored to fit the customer or problem specific level of fidelity through the utilization of proven and parameter specific test methods. GCAPS can also support customers in the identification of the model fidelity specifications required to solve the customer specific problem.

On-track/highway data, and vehicle component and system level laboratory data can be used in the model generation process. Examples of physically based test tools and measurements that can be utilized for model parameterization include tire test and tire modeling, multi-post shaker rig, damper characterization, and many others.

GCAPS modeling and simulation engineers work closely with test engineers to determine the most effective parameterization plan that meets the customers need while minimizing cost.

Contact us to discuss your specific application and how we might be able to support your needs.