Physical & Virtual Innovation

At GCAPS we are constantly striving to understand how modeling, simulation, and testing can be combined to improve the work we do for our customers. To accomplish this, we conduct internal research to advance our processes and capability. This increase in knowledge enables us to improve our modeling and testing methods to help our customers develop their products.

GCAPS performs research in the areas of advanced vehicle technology, tire modeling, and tire testing.

In the area of advanced vehicle technology, GCAPS performs research relative to:

  • Advanced vehicle control development using simulation

  • Simulation of advanced vehicle technologies

  • Scenario development for advanced vehicle technologies

In the area of tire modeling and tire testing, GCAPS performs research relative to:

  • Surface Testing

  • Transients

  • Wet Testing

  • Tire Model Fitting Techniques

If you would like a copy of our published research, more information on our research status, or are interested in conducting a cooperative research project, please contact us below.