About Us

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) provides accurate and affordable models to support virtual development for the transportation industry. Our simulation group, which has significant experience ranging from mathematical model development to graphic design to tire mechanics, is an important aspect of our successful model creation. These models—including tire models, vehicle models, and environments—are created from both customer data sources and physical testing performed in our own advanced testing facilities, which feature the world’s most capable indoor flat-trac machine. Our physical testing expertise has led to research and new modeling methods for improved products delivered to our customers, including leading global vehicle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, and championship motorsports teams. These clients have used our model and testing services to elevate their performance in vehicle handling, autonomous vehicle technology, and many other aspects of transportation simulation. Collectively, our vast experience in controls development, vehicle simulation, model creation, and physical data interpretation will help any company in the transportation industry excel.

Since 2012, GCAPS has conducted work with more than 100 global companies. We are privileged to be approved tire test laboratories for Auto OEMs such as GM, Ford, FCA, and Toyota. Through our desire to be the best, we have established long term partnerships with GM, Pirelli and VTTI. Our commitment to advancing the transportation industry has led to supporting research by universities such as UAB and VT. The dedication and knowledge of our testing department has led to consistent customers such as Goodyear Racing, Renault F1, and many other prestigious motorsport entities. Our advancement in the ADS simulation continues to grow our relationships and introduce new companies to our physical and virtual services.

Core Values

Core values are imperative in any organization. They clarify the means at which companies operate daily and achieve their goals. At GCAPS, it was important to define our core values and create a culture of transparency between our employees and our customers. Innovation is at the heart of our core values as a company. All other core values are the means at which we achieve high levels of innovation.


  • Integrity – Honest, consistent, reliable, fair, we take commitments seriously

  • Solid Relationships – Upholding trust and common ground between our employees

  • Logical Truth – Solution Paths are defined by physical and system knowledge

  • Communication – Two-way process to transfer relative information, in the right medium with clarity and concision, in a timely manner

  • Flawless Execution – Profound understanding of the task, recognition that all steps of a project are critical. Tasks are completed above expectations on time

  • Resolve – Endless quest for solutions to advance our client’s mission and employees work-life

  • Engaged – Passionate dedication to scientific learning that benefits our clients and advances our employees growth

  • Influential – Thought Leaders for new methods, processes, and technologies with no restrictive bounds that would impede advancement